The bespoke shirt becomes an expression of your personality.

Teca Camicie is a traditional tailor’s House making bespoke shirts. We think that the creation of bespoke shirts is an art, a blend of tradition, craftsmanship and accuracy that transforms a basic garment into a unique and exclusive product.

We create the shirts directly in our atelier: from the paper pattern to the cut of the fabric and the stitching of each part. The work of our shirtmakers enhances perfection to all creations.

The shirt is a unique masterpiece born from creative hands.

The shirt

A unique garment…

The shirt is more than a mannerism. Everywhere recognised as synonymous of elegance, the shirt is a timeless garment that has been worn for ages.

Have you ever thought about it? The shirt is the only garment that has not undergone radical changes. It has travelled throughout centuries remaining a timeless garment.

The shirt is a faithful partner which every man should be able to wear, show and live.

And if you choose a bespoke shirt, it will become an expression of your personality.

A shirt lives a man’s life and with him it travels through time, whose changes it takes and shows with pride